What's the dinner tonight?


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Yummy leftovers tonight: We’d a roast chicken for dinner Friday, so tonight it’ll be the remaining meat on pumpernickel bread slathered with gravy and steamed green peas on the side. We used the chicken carcass to make a hearty chicken and vegetable soup, which we froze for later consumption


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Leftovers here, too ...

I made a lovely Chilli con Carne the other night using a can of black beans that has been hanging around the kitchen cupboard for a while. Much deeper and earthier than red kedney beans. Lovely! Anyway, the leftovers were enjoyed over some baked potatoes as a second meal.

Dodgy vu

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Since having some medically positive stuff done to me last September, I have been able to do more meal cooking for the household. Even made some various deserts, some baked and others done on the stove top.

Being quite spooked about going to any stores or other places with people nearby my space. Plus, it would be easy to forget that rule myself, because of old habits.

Tonight's dinner was started about 3 hours ago, with a good sized and seasoned rib roast being baked at a very low 250 degrees for maybe 2-3 hours longer. Finished up a little later after sitting and before eating, by putting back in a hot 425 degree oven for 10 minutes to crisp the outside. Reverse sear works great for this cut.

Some twice baked potato casserole with plenty of sharp cheddar and butter. and some maple syrup glazed carrots, also baked at 425 till soft.

Best part is the sides are already prepared and no real work left.



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I am going 30% up in my body weight until this ends. for sure.

Just made a prawn risotto with shrimp stock from scratch for lunch.
Will cook ham in dark beer later for tomorrow's breakfast.

The lamb on a spit is already ordered.

The wife is making brownies and pavlova cake.
The chocolate cake is in the fridge since yesterday.


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Shopping tomorrow, so just what's left from last weeks shop. So some wholemeal pasta with Bechamel sauce, white beans with Bechemel sauce and a few bits of fried chicken. Then an apple with a tiny bit of yoghurt. Good thing is I've lost weight. I want to buy some flour if I can find some so I can make bread. Or at least chapatis. I have a small Tesco Express below me. Good thing is it's been practically empty at 7am when I go shopping.

Naturally, I wipe all my shopping down with kitchen paper dipped in methylated spirits. Who doesn't.......