What's the dinner tonight?


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Tonight was my comfort food, sausage, beans and chips. Mind you Dipesh, looking at that is making me hungry and I've just finished eating.


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Good looking dinner, that Nishy!

Tonight, we had a gem lettuce and avocado salad with big couscous and then chicken, tomato and red pepper over.


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Diced Steak in the slow cooker, with steamed veggies and rice..
Proper nice...
Steak is from musclefood.com, if you haven't tried it, you must; top drawer meat for very good prices..

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Sausage and plum chutney sandwiches. With a red onion and baby leaves salad on the side. Can't eat big meals when it's hot like it was today.


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I didn't have the chance to BBQ or smoke this weekend but craving ribs so after my gym workout I ordered a rack of ribs from Texas Roadhouse. No need for side dishes.....

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- Norwegian food Tuesday -
*New Potato w/ Jarlsberg Bearnaise ("Bearnaise" doesn't sound that Norwegian, but they love it more than the French do)
*Sweetcorn, cumin & ghee "dhal"
*Breaded Vege burgers

I'd happily just eat the Bearnaise & potatoes striaght out of the pot, but there's something "alcoholicy" about that, and I've been bone dry for two years. The fiance watches shit TV on Tuesday nights, so after dinner I get four hours to shower, shave & play with my SE & DE toys.


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BBQ tonight. Weather was too good to waste! Burgers and sausages with a cold beer. Happy days!