What is your favourite Truefitt and Hill cream?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Rusty Blade, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. isendono

    isendono Forum GOD!

    What about czech & speake
  2. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    Made in Italy by Valobra so I discounted it but I suppose it could be included.
  3. isendono

    isendono Forum GOD!

    Planning to try floris shaving soap once MWF is finished..... which seems to last forever.
  4. SeanC

    SeanC Forum GOD!

    SE London
    Scents are excellent. Soap performance can be summed up as:

    Original Tallow: Excellent
    Vegetal 1: Poor
    Vegetal 2: Average
    Vegetal 3: TBC

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  5. dc68

    dc68 -------------

    Devon, UK
  6. les24preludes

    les24preludes Über Member

    So far I have Apsley and 1805, and I'm starting to rate T&H as a top tier product, or at least nearly so. Looks like the next ones to try are Trafalgar and Grafton according to the reviews, or maybe West Indian Limes or Sandalwood. What would you get next?
  7. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    The two you have currently are both quite modern Cologne esque scents so if wishing to continue on that path either Grafton or Sandalwood would be good choices, though you may find the former more than a tad similar to the Klar Sport. To my nose, Trafalgar smells distinctly old fashioned and I don't mean in a stuffy Edwardian Penhaligon manner but an open shirt, hairy chest with medallion swinging 1970s disco manner :happy:

    I've not had the pleasure of the West Indian Limes cream but if anything like the Cologne it should be very bright and sour, perfect for summer. I had a sample of the EdC but was forbidden to wear it by SWMBO, who said (how can I put this in a PC manner?) "It would only suit a man from the West Indies..." :unsure:
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  8. les24preludes

    les24preludes Über Member

    Gppd descriptions. I just realised I have samples of Ultimate Comfort, which is nice, and Limes. The Limes smells just like paint to me, so not a fan.
  9. ask4Edge

    ask4Edge Über Member

    Spanish Leather
  10. Mitchcumsteen

    Mitchcumsteen Forum GOD!

    Kansas, USA
    Grafton and 1805

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  11. Rocky75

    Rocky75 Veteran Vendor

    Definitely 1805... elegant the best
  12. Bugdoc

    Bugdoc Veteran

    1805, definitely
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