What is your favourite Truefitt and Hill cream?

Rusty Blade

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I have tried their sample pack and I purchased the 1805 and their Ultimate Comfort...and matching ASB. Excellent products. What is your favourite Truefitt and Hill cream (and ASB or cologne)?


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Only ever used 1805.

Great cream, lovely scent.

I have had it for so long it's turned into a croap, but that has made no difference to the scent or performance.

Not sure if I would buy it again though.


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No idea all my sample packs went into the bin after the weak, thin, horrible lather I got from the first sample


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Grafton & 1805 are the only premium T&H creams I've used and both are luxurious. I have the No 10 "budget" cream as well, and enjoy using it, but the scent, while inoffensive, is unidentifiable & somewhat pedestrian. It smells like one of those creams from India that appear under a dozen different labels.
Only tried the 1805 hard soap..God awful ..nice scent though. I also tried the one they used to sell in Boots (No. 10 I think) and it gave me terrible burning and irritation.

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Only tried the 1805 hard soap..God awful ..nice scent though.
https://www.soapworksltd.co.uk/soapworks-story single handedly destroyed nearly all British hard shaving soaps... They'd never made a shaving soap before and obviously didn't invest much time in finding out what's involved as they ended up producing what is essentially bath soap for everyone (apart from D.R Harris.) IIRC Floris & ToBS were the first to realise and reformulated sharpish, followed by Penhaligon's and more recently Crabtree & Evelyn... GFT and T&H still deny there is any problem to this day :meh:

These dud soaps can be easily identified by the first ingredient, if Sodium Palmate then its rubbish, if Potassium Palmate then its good :thumbsup: