What is the best shaving advice you have received?


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One piece of advice that I still tend forget from time to time:
Focus on shaving stubble, not skin.

Cold water shaves and not going against the grain have also been helpful, though judging by the name of this forum, I'm in the wrong place… :confused:


Everything in shaving is overrated, apart the injectors... (just made that up, but this is my current conviction).


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I am not sure I ever took any advice on board when I started out - I had no one to ask; the internet had not taken off and I started DE shaving to save money! and really did, until I joined forums :) . But the advice that I have subsequently read on forums, that now rings true, includes the sage pointer that familiarity with one soap, razor and blade will get you great shaves. I remember shaving with the R89, daily for a year. The first three months I never got BBS but after 3 months of daily use, it just clicked and I got BBS shaves with a relatively mild blade - the Shark SS. Although, now when I return to the R89 it takes me a good few shaves to tune in. Recently I have purchased an AS-D2; it proved a difficult razor to learn and to get the best out of - but patience, familiarity and some monogamy paid off. So familiarity rings true for me - that and the lather being the most important part of a close, comfortable shave.


Another question, as the title suggests, what is the best shaving advice you have received?

Common ones are use more water, or use less pressure or even don't tell the wife! To make the thread interesting I'm really looking for those gems, something that changed the way you shave for the better or failing that, the plain funny, ridiculous and eye popping!
"Everyone is different"

This is the one truth that applies to us all. Any advice given will only apply to the person giving it, we must find our own path.



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I don't know if it's the best, but someone on Reddit posted his method of lathering Barrister and Mann's Reserve base. I'd seen Will's video and that was okay, but following this Reddit guy's advice to load with a slightly shaken out brush for 15 seconds and then lather while incorporating drops of water has worked an absolute treat every time I've done it.


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A lot of the advice I got was of no use to me, or even counter to what I really needed. I had to discover by trial and error what suited me, and it wasn't the obvious stuff. Like I prefer European soaps like Fitjar, SV and many others. And I prefer Micromatic razors and the R41 which many dismiss.

Bottom line - you'll probably pay a lot of money to finalise your system and have a lot of stuff for sale as a result!