What is the best shaving advice you have received?


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Another question, as the title suggests, what is the best shaving advice you have received?

Common ones are use more water, or use less pressure or even don't tell the wife! To make the thread interesting I'm really looking for those gems, something that changed the way you shave for the better or failing that, the plain funny, ridiculous and eye popping!


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Someone, I forget who said buy a Pils razor because it will be the only razor you will ever need, well there was some wisdom in those words because I've found the Pils razor to be a perfect razor for me but I think I will always have a need for more than just one razor, just like I have the need for more than just one soap!!! :) P.


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3 key things I picked up from forums:

1) Load it like you hate it - made a big difference to the quality of my lather from soaps
2) Just wet the tips of the synthetic brush (I think I picked that up from @les24preludes )
3) When guilt overcomes you for excessive purchasing of shaving gear, solace and like minded souls will be found on the internet!


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Buy a Ross Giles bowl.
Using a bowl has really helped me to get better lathers and Ross' bowls are the bees knees.

I would also echo the cold shave comments.