What is the best shaving advice you have received?


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In no particular order:

- You can over-load MdC, loading much lighter stops it feeling dry post-shave.
- For most people a Tech works just fine, spend some time with it to learn the angle and you'll be rewarded. (I know someone's going to argue this one!)
- SS / Ti razors do not necessarily shave better, you're paying for the material and workmanship.
- Try Speick.

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Less pressure, take your time, map your face, face lather, ATG for a close shave, take the time to properly break-in a boar brush, staying off shaving forums will save you a ton of money. Given up trying to master the last one!
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Are you still limiting your razors to two hours to justify themselves?
Not anymore Steve, lesson learned. All my new razors get 150 minutes to prove what they can do :D
On a serious note I have gotten out of the Rabbit hole and can once again smell the fresh air of freedom from all my RAD, SAD & Bad. I have however covered up the Rabbit hole with thin twigs and leaves, anyone stepping on it will fall head over heels down it. Gotta pass on the journey to the new guys. I have enjoyed my journey time for me to extoll the virtues of Macca root cream and Harry's razors.


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Listening to advice is good......

......but it’s much better if you follow it.

The best advice I had on this journey is wait a year.
Read the forums and concentrate only on Blade choice, prep and technique.

After a year of reading the rise and float back down of the next best thing, the rabbit hole is far less enticing and the staple consistent razors stand out.