Show us your Wallets!


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Going on 4 years now. Guoteria Fiorentina. Fits wonderfully in the back pocket all day long. Easy access to most used cards, a fold for cash, and plenty of other cards inside.
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Ezgo plastic wallet. Holds 4 cards on each side and a few notes in the middle.

I've had it for a couple of years but the one seam is now splitting.

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You and probably a few more, Have or may has just shown you credit card numbers!


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Flowfold Vanguard. Made in the U.S.A. out of sailcloth. Weighs as much as three sheets of 8X11 paper. Made it's way into my pocket in 2015 and has been there ever since. I got another as backup and may not ever need it.



I like old and slightly scruffy leather wallets


The wallet at the top left was bought in Japan in 1961 and is made from pigskin, it even has a tiny miniature holder for posttage stamps.

The black wallet was bought around 1970, english made and is very soft leather

The brown wallet was bought about 1996, my daily user

The small wallet was bought in Burma in 1947, I used this every day for many years, never been stitched, the only care it has ever had is a wipe over with a waxy furnture polish
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My only issue with older wallets is that sometimes the lining separates so that cards are more difficult to put back in. Which is why I end up getting a new one in the first place. Nothing more frustrating when you are trying to get out of a store and your card won't go back in it's slot in the wallet because the lining is pulling away from the leather.


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Ant on leather card holder with note pocket, gone for less bulk, as I only really use my cards nowadays,the raw leather has taken a lovely patina now its worn in.


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Like Tortuga, I prefer to carry light and stopped using folding wallets years ago.

The open window on one side houses my driver’s license, which I removed for the photo.

The guitar pick holder is super convenient for those who carry such things.

As pictured this wallet is holding 5 cards, way more cash than I need in these Covid times, and would be housing my DL as well, but as you can see, still pretty slim.