Show us your Wallets!


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I’m a little late to the party.

Here’s my Coach wallet. Around 4 years old, very well made and ticks all my boxes for lots of card space & coin pouch.
Coach stuff is pricey but I’ve always found it well made.

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I don’t have a wallet of any significance but I do have a wallet story. Years ago I worked in a rough area of Kansas City, Kansas. I carried 2 wallets. My real wallet was in my front pocket. In my hip pocket was my throw down. The throw down had some fake credit cards a few dollars and other fake stuff. In case I got robbed I would throw down the fake and the bandits would take off with it. Only had to use it once. Figured a few dollars may have kept me from being killed.


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Gee, my wallet is still too fat, I blame @Sausage for this for too much extra fatty sausage.

Bloody extra fatty sausage:boxing:
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