Show us your Wallets!


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I find wallets a bit cumbersome and quite frankly in the modern world, obsolete. I look at some of these and think what on earth are you carrying all that around for.
It’s a shame as there’s some beautiful leather wallets knocking about.
Just pay for everything with your phone?


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Currently using (since end of 2014) a Fratelli Rossetti blue embossed cowhide, purchased from their boutique in Genova for €300. Also carry a separate coins zipped circular leather pouch, made by an artisan in Singapore. This is very practical, only if one is in a country where coins are frequently used.

In addition, I also keep at home abt a dozen separate zipped transparent pouches each with different currency in it. Not a highly significant amount of cash in each pouch, but enough to get me started when I have to fly out urgently.

Last but not least, I have a thing with business card cases, so I possess a small collection with a variety of styles and designs, mostly in leather. I am of the opinion that a business card is an essential item and any professional should have a small set of such cards always on him/her. When I lived in Asia and was meeting clients and/or attending events often, I kept a dedicated business card case in each suit/jacket; this gave me peace of mind when rotating office attire.



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Since I used to travel a lot for work in my previous job, I needed a wallet that could hold several cards, had a place to store receipts, and worked well with two currencies. I changed jobs in the meantime but I keep using this Bear Design leather wallet, even though I could "downsize".