Show us your Wallets!


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These are my current carries.

A handmade card holder very similar to the group buy. The CRK coin holder is superb for holidays when just carrying cash as it easily holds a good few coins and notes.

The little black number is from Millets and picked up last year for holiday as it’S got RFID protection. I’ve ended up using it most of the time and it’s suprising how much it holds. I’ve just taken 7 cards plus my driving licence out for the photo and it has a built in elastic strap to keep it closed


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Another Timberland here.
Nice and soft. Have had it for something like ten years.
I love the trifold, I used to deal with a lot of £50 notes.
Not very often any more. It is normally just full of receipts.
Folds up to a nice size.

Was a present from my youngest (with some conversation to make sure that I liked it).

IMGP2458.jpg IMGP2459.jpg
I've got a box with at least 20+ wallets but these are the ones I currently use the most.
First one I made for my god daughters wedding last summer as I had a blue suit and tan brogues, its only partially complete in the photo.
Next is a minimalist card wallet done with African Kudu this is one of my current favourites, leather is very soft probably too soft for a bifold but great for a smaller one.
Next is a bifold done with Horween (horse) leather
Last one is what's currently in my pocket similar to the Kudu one but with 3 pockets instead of just 2




Let's talk about 6, Baby.
Was given this by my Girlfriend's mother when she returned after a holiday to Australia.

Far to big and bulky for my liking, so never been used.

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