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Discussion in 'Grooming and Style' started by pj3r, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. LeGaulois

    LeGaulois Guru

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  2. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    I completely ignored all your advice (sorry! I'm a cheapskate) and bought Scaramouche & Fandango and Osmo. The S&F is really solid like a wax on goes on in clumps. Not great but it is OK on short hair. The Osmo is very similar in texture and appearance to Uppercut. It smells of bubblegum. It is FANTASTIC! So easy to apply, holds very strongly but does not feel hard. Washes out easily. This will be my bench mark Pomade.
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  3. culcreuch

    culcreuch Ooooops!

    Wait until you get to my age.....the Morgan's Traditional may become more interesting!
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  4. MntnMan62

    MntnMan62 Über Member

    New Jersey
    I've never used pomade but assume you could walk through a class 5 hurricane and not one hair would be out of place. I don't need that kind of hold and just need enough to prevent my hair from looking like this:


    So I use this:

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  5. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Osmo is good. I bought this (not from Amazon but a grooming website approx £5 delivered)

    It's cheap, as good as Murdock IMO who have now reduced their hair paste/Matt mudd by half the quantity and increased the price (about 3 months back). Medium matt hold that washes out with ease. Smells good too. Also bought some Dapper Dan which is above average but nothing on the Vines.
  6. ManicDee

    ManicDee Inside a Dark Empty

    Was looking for some sheen and hold, so thought I would give the Reuzel Blue a go [​IMG]

    Very strong hold and you have to work it in quickly but very little sheen :cry:.
    This one, I won't be re-buying.
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  7. Francorelli

    Francorelli Forum fella

    West Sussex Coast
    I found the same with Reuzel Red, as well as Layrite and Suavecito.

    Water-based pomades are a good idea in theory, but on my hair they dry hard and sticky with no shine. Like a gel basically, just more fashionable. And much more expensive.
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  8. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    Good to know, I liked the idea of them but if they're just fashion gel forget it! When it comes to pomade my hairstyle requires a light hold with med/high shine and the cheapest/value for money product I've found for this is Dax "short & neat"... For me the fact it is almost unscented is a bonus, so many "artisan" pomades have disgusting strong scents, I do not want to walk around smelling of candyfloss, butterscotch or bubblegum :cursing:
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  9. ManicDee

    ManicDee Inside a Dark Empty

    Layrite's normal hold water base is a good pomade with a soft vanilla fragrance, Dr. It just lacked the shine.
  10. Burgundy

    Burgundy Forum GOD!

    I’ve been using Shear Revival’s matte paste - called Northern Lights - for the last few months and it’s easily the best I’ve used. I’ve easily got another year or two’s worth of it to get through but I’ll be interested to see what’s new on the scene in time.
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  11. ManicDee

    ManicDee Inside a Dark Empty

    Do you glow is the dark, Burgundy
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  12. Fox

    Fox The Soap Artisan

    I occasionally use Shockwaves Rough-Cut styling putty. It has a firm hold and if you put it into wet hair it will keep that wet look throughout the day, even once your hair has dried.
  13. ManicDee

    ManicDee Inside a Dark Empty

    On my 3rd tub of Layrit's water based pomade in the last year and a half. Easy to style and smells great but not overpowering. Not oily pillows!
  14. pearse85

    pearse85 Active Member

    Hi hold, low shine is what i like.

    Skin fade back and sides, light trim at the top.

    Currently using arcadian high hold pomade or the shear revival paste.
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