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I'm currently using Uppercut Deluxe Pomade - bought last July - but it won't be a repeat purchase. It works well but in the last couple of weeks the texture's started to change (stringy, opaque) and it's starting to clump in my hair. I've lined up Aveda Grooming Clay to give a whirl next.


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I have a few i fluctuate between
1.fisticuffs tuff hold = if i want strong hold its wax based
2.christian hydrating pomade= also wax based strong hold
3.anchors Aweigh teddy boy matte: a light pomade creme light hold when i want a surfer look
4.admiral : petroleum based pomade with medium to strong
Black and White Original Pomade. Elvis used it apparently.. uh huh huh! :cool:
I've used it in the past (when having hair) and it felt like smearing scented Vaseline on my barnet..of course YMMV.


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Today I am wearing Dax Red with some Dax Blue for shine. The oily nature of the pomade really helps my scalp, and when my hair is washed clean (I use Head & Shoulders), my hair is INCREDIBLY soft.


I use Morgans original. It has a darkening property....which according to my partner ....'works'. She swears my hair has darkened....but it leaves the sides pepperpot coloured. I won't argue. She actually bought the cream version for herself!


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Bloody Hell, you’ve got a bloody good memory.
What, are we talking looong time ago? I think it was a coincidence, seeing it on ASOS, a bell ringing, plus me being in need of a new hair product.

But I do take my daily spoon of cod liver oil like any good Norwegian :D


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What, are we talking looong time ago? I think it was a coincidence, seeing it on ASOS, a bell ringing, plus me being in need of a new hair product.

But I do take my daily spoon of cod liver oil like any good Norwegian :D
Well it’s more a sign of my poor memory:rolleyes:………..Now where did I put those Cod Liver oil tablets?:confused::facepalm:


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I retired the water based Dax purple, got tired of oily pillowcases.
Saw a few pomades and made the switch to Layrite's Pomade original.

Yes it is water based, No it is not oily. Yes it is fragrant a nice vanilla scent. No it's not cheap! £15 - €17 quid
• A little amount goes a long way.
• Very easy application, spreads evenly throughout hands
• Has a vanilla scent. Very pleasant and old school.
• Provides that "natural shine" look, without looking too wet (different styles depending on wetness of hair during application) more water, more shine.
• No flakes
• Incredibly easy removal, simply dissolves with just a bit of water! More about this later...
• Lasts all day long
• Can be restyled with damp fingers or comb.

•Beware of heavy rain! Without a hood or an umbrella, the water will wash most of your product out.

Love the feel, natural shine and hold of this stuff


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I love Reuzel pomades.

I currently have:
- Red - IMHO best all around, medium hold, sort of wet look, but not greasy and not plastic looking hair like gel, good for normal hair with no too much problems to style it.
- Blue - Very similar in hair look but it's stronger and holds the hair more firm. Best scent.
- Fiber - I just bought it, it's different in texture as the previous two, hair looks like there is no product in it but there is. Not a wet look. The scent is sort of peppermint/chocolate.

With all 3 you can shape your hair all day and they smell beautiful. I have short to medium hair length but very thick and sort of wavy and one tin lasts a while, you really don't need much to style your hair.

At the moment I have only water-based pomades. Their oil based for me works for the summer cause you can swim in the sea and when you get out you can still shape your hair :) Very long lasting stuff. They are Pink & Green colors. Pink is better for me.
It's very good if you wanna go with the Italian/Slick/Greasy look :)
They also have a Matt pomade which I haven't tried yet.

I haven't tried any other pomade so I cannot compare them, but since they work well I really have no interest to try other stuff.
One more benefit - the tins are awesome and they work pretty good as soap jars.
Reuzel really has good products, their Aftershave gives me one of the best post-shave feelings as it has witch hazel and some other oils in it which my skin really loves. Also, I recently bought their shaving cream which is more a brushless cream but once applied it's a very slick and protective.

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I've never used a pomade, hadn't even heard of them until this thread.
I'm normally a gel user as it holds as I want, but washes out easily and is not greasy.
I've tried waxes, clays and pastes but find them either greasy, difficult to wash out or they make my scalp itch.
What would be a good pomade to try?
I prefer, a wet look over Matt, and like a decent messy hold.
I currently use shockwaves..
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