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Same model as mine, I have heard that the factory will restore them to as new for a modest cost.

I bought it because I was doing a lot of country roads driving and there is a saw blade in this model. Experts said that if a tree was to fall over and block the road I could easily saw the tree trunk in half and continue my journey.
Great knives, I have a couple as well as a multi tool. You can easily get replacement scales and they offer different coloured scales. You can also obtain metal scales through Etsy, but they require a little more effort to replace, the plastic just clip on.

Also have a couple of Leatherman. Leatherman I must say have excellent customer care and warranties. I had a problem with a small Leatherman, contacted them, they requested it back and sent a brand new one by return mail.


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I've had this for ages, I'm pretty certain that you can't get them any more, Victorinox took over Wenger and I don't think they have an equivalent. My brother had the right-handed version and the two were mirror images of each other.




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Just found this hiding in a box at home. A Camillus 2 blade electrician's lock blade from the late 1970s into the 1980s going by the tang stamp. Lovely honest workman's folding knife. I think I'll give it a sharpening and see what it can do.