Homelike Taiga Adjustable Razor


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the taiga on 3.5-is comparable to my timeless ti 0.95 in open comb-simply superb smooth and very efficient razor- have since sold my other 3 x timeless stainless models -as they all drag more than the ti version- and were not as efficient either


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Very satisfied with the performance of this razor. I’ve shaved on settings 5,4 and 3, attaining a very close comfortable shave with all. At no time did I feel I had to be vigilant about razor angle, pressure or pace of the shave. I have not yet tried the OC plate but it sure is a nice option! I switched back to the originally equipped stainless handle today . Although I prefer the Ti handle , the stainless handle is top notch in looks, feel and function. I am looking forward to trying ( with confidence) the higher settings in upcoming shaves.


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I have mine for almost a week. 6 shaves done with both plates and both handles.
When receiving it I thought that the build quality was good, nothing spectacular, but definitely above average.
Also, the first shave was rather rough. I don't know why, but feather on blade 4 actually gave me few nicks, which I almost never get. Maybe the blade was bad...
However, and this is a huge however.. Since that first shave, all the other shaves were stellar! I really like the option to dial the gap down when on the neck.
Taiga could potentially be a real RAD killer for me, as the efficiency/smoothness ratio is on point. And I don't get any irritation on my neck (the compromise is of course not so close shave on the neck).

The disadvantages are razor being head heavy - I am using titanium handle which I prefer. Visually I prefer ss handle with smaller knurling pattern, but the weight cut is more important for me.
Also the threading is not smooth when changing gaps on the fly. Since this same threading is smooth when disassembled, it is probably due to spring resisting the rotation.
Another disadvantage (that is of course subjective) is the lack of fun factor. If the Carbon is a sports car, taiga is a full size off-road SUV. It's less fun, but can handle any circumstance. :wink:

With all that being said, at this point I hardly imagine using any other razor, that's how good it shaves...


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This has been my primary razor for the last couple of weeks. I’ve had some pretty great shaves using various blades and settings . My configuration of choice has been the titanium handle with the solid bar plate with the razor set on 4 . It’s amazing how close to BBS this gets you on a regular basis with little to no irritation.The Taiga may not have the finish of Wolfman but I don’t think thats its intention. This adjustable has its on personality and I like it .


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When will the next batch come?
A poster at B&B stated last week that, per an exchange he had with HLS, they won't be re-stocking until the Fall....which I found surprising. That takes potential buyers like me out of the running because, as a consumer, I have the attention span of a gnat. I'll be focused on other gear long before then. Maybe I'll come back around to the Taiga if and when it's available again, but based on self-knowledge, I wouldn't bet on that, hahahahaha.


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Site shows ‘expected’
The Start plates are very behind schedule so take anything with a pinch of salt