Homelike Taiga Adjustable Razor


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Yeah they haven’t had it translated yet unfortunately.

HomeLikeShaving is pleased to present you a product of cooperation between engineers and enthusiasts, people interested in promoting the idea of one of the types of classic shaving - the adjustable Taiga razor.
The razor is made on CNC machines with maximum precision and attention to detail. Thanks to the balance, the system for adjusting shaving aggressiveness from 0 to 10, the possibility of replacing plates from open to closed razor "Taiga" is able to provide the most comfortable, individual and effective shaving for each owner.

top cover (presence of an end mark for proper assembly),
middle plate (presence of a mark from the end for correct assembly),
stainless steel spring,
open bottom plate (presence of an end mark for proper assembly),
closed bottom plate (presence of an end mark for proper assembly),
shaving aggressiveness adjustment ring (left-hand thread),
razor handle (left-hand thread),
screw securing the top cover of the razor.
When assembling the razor, always observe the order established by special marks from the end faces of the plates and the lid. All tags must be on one side.

Aggressiveness of the bottom plate (adjustable GAP): 0.5-1.5 mm,
Production material: AISI 316 stainless steel,
Shaver height - 97.8 mm,
Head width - 25.4 mm
Head length - 43.1 mm
Handle length - 90 mm,
The diameter of the handle is 12mm,
Weight with base handle - 108 g.,
Weight with Ti handle - 96 g.,
Finish: Polished,
Brand: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).
Do not use abrasive cleaners! This can damage the appearance and engraving of the razor.

Adjustable razor "Taiga" with a pre-installed open-type stove - 1 pc.,
Closed type additional plate - 1 pc.,
Warranty certificate (card) - 1 pc.,
Packing - 1 pc.
HomeLikeShaving products have a lifetime warranty. The warranty applies to manufacturing or material defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, as well as the finish of the product. In the event of a manufacturing defect, you can directly contact the manufacturer or the place of purchase of the product in order to return or exchange the product.

To resolve warranty issues, please contact info@homelikeshaving.ru.


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Watching with interest, if this is mild on the low settings I’m tempted. I’d be very interested to know how the head geometry compares with their three-piece ie if you set the Taiga to the same blade gap as the Start do they shave the same?


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Mine got sent out earlier today. I don’t think it took long at all to get the Start so hopefully this shouldn’t be long either.


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It's in my basket, just us a little more expensive than I was hoping for. Still a good price when compared to the likes of the Rocnel..
Yeah me too, you can get a Rex for around the same price but hoping this provides the smoother shave.


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i also received a confirmation email this morning for my Taiga and Ti handle. I’m looking forward to my first ”modern” adjustable. ( I do own a Vision but thats different ...) Thank you to all who have reviewed the prototype .


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Will there be a option with just one type of head? I know that I do not need OC, so... why to pay it :) .