What's the dinner tonight?


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My wife's out for girlie dinner with friends this evening so it's my chance to tuck into liver, bacon, kidney, cabbage and new potatoes.
My Mum made the most delicious kidneys in sherry sauce and sweetbreads with garlic. :hungry: Unfortunately my wife will not eat either so I have to wait until she has a GNO (Girls’ Night Out) t have them.


Forum GOD!
Baked potatoes with butter. Simple and tasty.

I don't eat meat because of the impact it has on climate change. I've just gone off it anyway. Like eating whales.


Grumpy old man
Lasy night it was meatloaf with mashed spuds and canned green peas. The spuds turned out really well having some sour cream, wasabi powder and a bit of 10% cream mixed in. Simple and tasty.