Completed Vreto Group Buy - Round 2


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Vreto forum edition, done for “Savrseno brijanje” shaving forum, the label is like Rasho said in Cyrillic, there’s the forum logo where normally (on the regular soap) there would be the scent label, hand written. The scent profile is something different than the regular offering. I forgot what it smells like TBH...


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I'm willing to let my v4 (i.e. not the same as the V5 group buy, not quite as good) Almond go, if you want?
It is also not it the plastic tub as it cracked. PM me if interested.
Thanks mate, but I'll pass. I've got my almond soap nailed down. :wink:

I’m sorry, no luck on any Vreto mentholated soaps for the time being.
Thanks for checking. I'll wait for the next time around.