One fragrance to rule all?


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Creed Erolfa is really pushing all the right buttons for me at the moment, however, this can change on a daily basis. Historically I think I would have went for Creed Aventus, pre 2016 batches, but I only have around 130ml left in my flacon and the older batches are getting very expensive nowadays.


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I can't put just one so it's a toss up between Comme des Garçons 2 and Etat Libre d'Orange's Fat Electrician ... but if push comes to shove I will say the CdG2 as it was the first truly different fragrance I encountered on my Odyssey.


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Chanel’s Cuir de Russie without a doubt. Fantastic fragrance that ticks all boxes for me, and straddles the balance perfectly so as not ever to go tiring, be too much - or too little, for that matter.
... and to think it was a frag for the ladies in its day and more masculine today than many. Agree! Fantastic fragrance!