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Martin Greenfield - "Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents' Tailor" - well, this is not gem, actually this is self and American way of life promo. Some good perceptions though.

Hannah Coler - "Cambridge 5 Zeit der Verräter (Time of Traitors)" - crime novel based on true story of the Cambridge Five spy ring.

Graeme Donald - "Mussolini's Barber And Other Stories of the Unknown Players Who Made History Happen"


Off the back of a few Le Carré novels, my kindle recommend some books by Alex Gerlis. I read them in the incorrect order but thoroughly enjoyed them nonetheless. If you enjoy cold war spy novels, I highly recommend this series. I'd start with Vienna Spies which introduces some of the primary characters at the tail end of WW2.


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Milutin Milanković - Kingdom of science. Second book from one of the greatest scientists ever. He was mathematician and specialist in space mechanic who found mathematical pattern for amount of sunlight that falls on planets providing data for past and future climatic conditions on earth. In this book he is taking us on trip through history and on example of few great minds shows how humans developed science and thoughts through time.