Bideford Pottery Soap Bowls And Dishes Again.

Northam Saint

Forum GOD!
Collected the rest of the bowls and they are packed and ready to go. I will be posting them Tuesday due to work etc. As per normal I’ll send out PM’s to confirm when they have been posted.

Pottery have asked to thank everyone for their custom.

While I wont be performing any more group buys they are willing to accept orders if you contact them direct. They do not wish to send overseas, but I’m willing to pick up bowls and send them on if you do live outside the U.K.

As well as being easier for me, it means that they will get a spread of orders instead of a big job lot in one go. As they have only two small kilns the firing will be easier when they aren’t dealing with a load of bowl orders in one go.

Hope you all enjoy your bowls.


Forum GOD!
I received the bowl today and absolutely love it!
Thank you for all you did..
I appreciate the way you packaged it, as it arrived in perfect condition...
Will post pics soon..
Happy holidays
Best regards


Forum GOD!
Shaving bowl and soap holder arrived all safe and sound this morning Sean. I am absolutely delighted with them. Thank you once again for all the effort you put into organising this group buy and please pass my compliments and thanks to the pottery whenever you next visit.