Social distancing for xmas

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Just me an the missus. Kids grown and flown, we don't see each other on Christmas Day so lovely and quiet just how we like it. Miserable old git. I'll crack a bottle of Malt
I quite like it just us and the kids, busy home where someone is always coming and going so all being home together is nice. I do look forward though to, in the future, grand kids around the table too.


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Only us for Christmas. My mother bought a Play-Doh Ice Cream Maker for my daughter and I went to her home to get it.

I was with an FFP2 on and she passed it to me via a rope from the first floor.

Oh well.. I don't really blame her, she is 74.


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Heard on the radio today, a company have made a socially distanced Christmas cracker ready for sale for Christmas. Should have got a patent :)


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My wife and I have this social distancing crap perfected. She goes to her sister's flat, and I stay with the dogs, cats, and chickens.


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It's like being under house arrest in a third world country. The State is threatening to take away my driver's license because I had a hypo due to taking too much insulin three months ago. If they do, I might as well a) find a way back to America; b) find a way to Dignitas.