Completed PLEASE PAY *** ATG LE Leather Keyfob & Wallet Group Buy ***PLEASE PAY


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Sorry to dig up an older thread but Dale has been making me a wallet which he’s finished and will be on it’s way to me tomorrow. I can’t recommend Dale high enough. I gave Dale a brief to make me a Biker wallet and judging from the photos he has sent me he has produce exactly what I was looking for. It’s going to be nice having a one off that’s been made for me to my liking.
Don’t forget to post pics. Dale does great work.

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Good to see everything fits ok especially those dollar bills, I'd make one for myself but I normally just carry 2 cards so probably not practical :)
It’s fantastic, love it. It was sat in the door pocket in the car today and I kept getting a whiff of leather. It is indeed everything I wanted.

I know for many it’s on the larger side, but each to our own. I could cut out some cars I carry. I intend on going to USA. A few times more yet and I did have a wallet in the past that wasn’t too good for $’s so I’m future proof.

Totally recommended if you are looking for a new and quality wallet.