Peter Mayhew RIP


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Damn, Just saw that Peter Mayhew has passed away. Goodbye to The Gentle Giant of Star Wars

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It's always sad to learn of the passing of someone who you had some sort of connection or at least knowledge of. And as I get older, it seems to be happening more and more. Hearing of Mayhew's passing reminds me of the summer that Star Wars came out. I was 15 years old attending sleep away camp in NY's Adirondack's Mountains. The camp was an interesting mix of people mostly from the area around Bethesda, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Long Isand, NY. It was primarily a hiking and backpacking camp and it was located about 30 minutes north of Lake Placid, NY. I just remember someone saying a group of us would be going into Lake Placid to see the movie. This was never done before, at least to my knowledge, and was never done again. I was blown away by the movie. It took me to a place so very different from the rustic setting I was spending two months each year at. Unfortunately, that summer also turned out to be the last at that camp because that winter the owner passed away and no one was interested in continuing to run it anymore. I still love watching that movie. These aren't the droids you're looking for. RIP Chewy.


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For me, I was eight years old and had been stuck in the cancer ward of Crumlin, Dublin, for over five months. My Father would tell me about this fantastic movie called "Star Wars" and how when I am better, he would take me to see it. Within three weeks, I was finally out of the hospital and both of us got to see it in a cinema.
To this day, if I smell bubble gum and tabac aftershave, I'm in a galaxy far, far away. “The Force will be with you. Always.”

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I remember seeing SW when I was a kid, and how I was given my first shirt with Darth Vader on it. I'm now 41 years old, and my 5 year old son wears SW themed shirts. It's just awesome to see how this franchise seems to never grow old.


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I love star wars (except episodes 1-3 obviously) and still wear star wars t-shirts now. Guess I'm a bit of a geek! Lol.

RIP the "walking carpet". :-(


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For me it’s the original three plus Rogue One, the others were pants.

It’s sad that Peter’s died he seemed to be a genuinely nice bloke and had a good sense of humour.


It's quite poignant that Peter should pass away on the eve of Star Wars day. Goodbye and Chewy, May the fourth be with you.