ATG SHAVEMAC 2017 LE *completed*


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Well, let’s see...

I’ve used my unique 26mm 5-6 times now, got the factory smell out completely. I found that it was killing lather due to these chemicals used in production, but now it works like a champ and has been getting better with each use.

Meanwhile, the mistake of not having got the D01 in the inital round has been keeping me awake at night, had me biting my nails in anxiety, I even had to go see my shrink for a brief consultation. We both agreed that the best strategy, and the only path to proper healing, is to keep an eye out on the BST. This has in the end proven to be the right way forward (I never doubted it for a second), so I should have a nice D01 flat top in the mail soon, courtesy of Mr @Holyzeus. Actually he couldn’t have picked a better brush for me.[emoji12]

I'm expecting your shrink to sign up shortly :)
With the flat top make sure you break it in properly. It needs several uses, just like a D01 2 band fan. Once the knot relaxes it performs best.


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My brush is breaking in beautifully. This unique knot has some of the softest tips, equal to, or softer than any of my other brushes. I loved this brush at first sight, so much so that I immediately ordered up a 30mm lime green beehive with a unique bulb from Bernd.


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Nice one mate
Thank you! This is the type of scrub I got from my Simpson Ch2 Manchurian, when it was new about 2 years ago. If this breaks in like that, it will be a brush for life. Chubby does have a stronger backbone, which it retains even today, guess we’ll see how the D01 does. I’m sure I’ll come back here in a few months and report back :wink:


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I'm really enjoying and glad I choose the Unique 2 band.

This and my Paladin are clear favourites.