Anything in the pipeline for 2019


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How about a custom buff/snood? Could use the ATG logo. Handy after a rough shave to hide your face.

Like this but better? Pretty cheap. Must be a few bikers/cyclists/walkers around here who'd use one?
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Would be nice To see something different. I like the aftershave idea and the wash bag. What about a towel? Or a razor stand? The inkwell type. Something that could be used in SOTD photos.


I imagine many of the long time members have enough ATG brushes so I get the reluctance there.
Not having one I'm interested, but even for me it would be more of a one off, because I don't need a ton of brushes either.

That said, it is sort of the ultimate group buy item, and an ATG SE/LE would be something that would hold pride of place.

Not sure what all you've already looked at, but seeing that Brad Sears was mentioned has anyone considered Morris and Forndran? They are UK based and seem to have something going on with Brad. Of course it wouldn't be the most inexpensive option. They have a pretty sweet beehive too.

Another that just comes to mind on the lower cost end is Zenith. I've contacted them before for the brush in my Avatar and they were very responsive at least.

I do agree that it really should be an EU/UK maker as this is predominately a forum for people in that part of the world, and the US has it's share already.

Other great ideas I've seen in this threat that would get used and you can't have too many of are coffee mugs and shave towels.....
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