1. AlphaShaving

    Completed 5 x Titanium Outlaw with Frank G4 Synth.

    Saturday Special. https://mailchi.mp/90f0548db549/outlaw-v2-titanium-generation-4-synthetic-knot
  2. AlphaShaving

    ΑΛΦΑ [ALPHA] - Alpha Brush Titanium Outlaw V2 Group Buy

    Bringing you an affordable, beautiful and functional Titanium Shaving brush with a choice of great knots at a price that everyone will gasp at... Product renders of Outlaw V2 are shown below but those of you who have seen my real life Outlaws will know - they are the best. Here is what an...
  3. Mr Bigmem

    What would you say is an affordable Titanium Shaving Brush?

    So i've been having many many discussions with Steve @vlasta of Alpha Shave Co regarding the use of different metals for shave brushes. And one of my comments to him was how it would be blooming amazing if there was someone who could bring together a project to produce a Titanium brush that was...
  4. wintoid

    Polished Timeless Titanium

    Anyone else waiting for this? I've been using Timeless razors since they came out, and I always struggled. Recent revelations about shaving steep have helped me to enjoy the steel Timeless much more, and then the regular titanium has just been a revelation. Mine is a 0.95 open comb, and it...
  5. slapo

    Suppaparts Razor (titanium)

    Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon this one rather randomly (when looking for titanium razor the name of which wouldn't come to mind.. and it was the Paradigm). https://suppaparts.com/Safety-Razor.php It looks a fair bit like a twist on the Rockwell 6S/6C, but I can't see it on the website...