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Bringing you an affordable, beautiful and functional Titanium Shaving brush with a choice of great knots at a price that everyone will gasp at...

Product renders of Outlaw V2 are shown below but those of you who have seen my real life Outlaws will know - they are the best. Here is what an Outlaw V1 looks like in real life - in REAL Titanium.

Outlaw V2 is a little more accessible with a 26mm knot capability. A teeny bit slimmer but just as tall. It has attitude!

The time has come. The Alpha Brush & Shaving Company is pleased to announce a Titanium Group Buy with prices as follows:-

Note: No money changes hands until I am ready to ship.

Four Options
  1. Bare Titanium Handle - Outlaw style with 27mm diameter knot hole - $115.00 Shipping included
  2. Titanium Handle - Outlaw style + Quality High End generation 4 (G4) Synthetic Knot manufactured by Frank Shaving - $130.00 - Shipping included
  3. Titanium Handle - Outlaw style + Quality Super High Density 2 band Fan SHD Manchurian - $160.00 - Shipping included
  4. Titanium Handle - Outlaw style + mail in your own knot (i.e. knotting service) - $127.50 - ship back included

If you choose the knotting service please specify the loft and how you want it glued in - ie epoxy or silicone. I won’t modify the brush to fit the knot so please make sure you mail in a 24-26mm knot. If you order a bare handle it will come resin filled to 20mm knot hole depth. This gives ample scope to fit your own knot and make your own adjustments.

The Synthetic Knot Option - a beautiful G4 knot from Frank Shaving

The Badger Knot Option - a superb Super High Density Manchurian Fan

These prices are unheard of and will probably never be seen again.

Each brush will be beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly bamboo tube with the Alpha logo. The brushes will have the Alpha logo on the base and another marking yet to be determined - maybe the chemical symbol for Titanium. Each brush will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me!!

The brush will be made in titanium and precision machined on a CNC lathe. The finish will be a hand polish - beautiful and lustrous - like a jewel to behold. The handles overall height is approximately 65 mm, 38mm wide at its widest point. The weight will come in at about 90g once the handle is filled with resin and knot fitted.

The Outlaw is a super ergonomic handle and is designed to be palmed and not held with the finger tips. The “belly” sits nicely in your hand and your fingers are drawn, as if magnetically, to The Outlaws neck. A superb hand feel and easy to grip featuring 7 nice deep flutes.

It is going to be a relatively slow burn - I will gather the orders, make the PO and wait around 6 weeks before the handles are ready, the knots are ready and the packaging is ready. Only then will I ask you for money.

Come on what are you waiting for?

Limited numbers available - sign up NOW!!

Sign up here to show your interest and make your knotting choices. Plenty of time before delivery to change your minds too - just email me at -

Best regards

Steve T. (Chief Cook & Bottle Washer)
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