Your most used camera type?

What type of camera?

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As I detest most 'Compact digital cameras' I do tend to use my iphone 6 camera. It gives instant access to the web and the apps for manipulation are superb when considering just how difficult Photoshop is to use unless you really study it. I'm lcurrently looking out for a Nikon J2 to use.

The Nikon J2 is a great little camera with interchangable lenses takes fantastic photo's.


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It depends what I am doing.
I rarely take snapshots.
I either 'go for a walk'. OR 'go for a walk with my camera.'
I always take my DSLR.

However, I use my compact camera for stuff if i am selling things on ebay.
(It is easier than having to process the photos or change the settings from RAW on DSLR)
Although I might move over to that.
The photos are definitely better.


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Phone camera if in a rush (Google nexus 6P) otherwise my Cannon EOS 70D. Latter providing much better quality.


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I am the one person so far to vote 'bridge'. I used to have a DSLR but found it too heavy, clunky and over-complex for what I was using it for. I thought about compact, but wanted a bit more non-digital zoom. So I bought a Nikon which was in an Argos sale for £90. Plenty of MP, plenty of zoom, quite ergonomic and idiot proof. That said I usually use my iPhone for pictures on here.


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Mostly a Nikon D700 or D300 and an assortment of Nikon lenses both old and new. When I am feeling lazy a Fuji X30 for light weight and compactness.

You missed the Rangefinder category in choices offered. Really enjoyed using the old Leica, Nikon and Canon film rangefinders. Haven't used them for a long time but just can't part with them. Something about rangefinder cameras that I can't put a finger on.



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I have no longer got my DSLR as I never used it. I find that for instant photo's I tend to use my phone most of the time.
But I have a Fujifilm X20 compact camera that use for general use, I find that I use it much more than my DSLR and it is a big step up from a point and press.


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I'm a poor photographer at best, but I've used an entry level Canon DSLR for years and years. I've been very disappointed with picture sharpness since new, but I believe that consumer grade Canon glass is less than ideal.. You get what you pay for!
I'm in the process of upgrading to a Mirrorless .. A Fuji XT-2. While it may not impart any artistic abilities, at least my poor composition should be sharply focused!


I use my phone's camera most of the time. For better quality photos, usually when traveling, I carry a compact Cannon G13.

Excuse my ignorance but what is a bridge camera?


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