Your most used camera type?

What type of camera?

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In this modern age of digital photography, we have a plethora of options available to us.

For the vast majority of your shots, what sort of camera do you use? Not fussed about film v digital, just the type.

For me, the majority of my shots I tend to take with my phone camera (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge). It is very good quality, and is convenient. When I want to enjoy a photography session, I do take out my EOS 450D and various lenses.


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I'm a bit 'ashamed' to admit that if you're speaking purely in terms of volume of photos...I use my phone the most.

I think every single SOTD photo I've posted is with my phone for instance.
I think I'm at a dangerous intersection of technological advancement and personal laziness.


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Most of my photos I use a Nikon D90 , got various lenses but I've gotten lazy and just tend to use one.


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Moto X style here.. 90% of the time, for other b times a Nikon D3300, with a choice of lenses...


If I want quality images then it's my Canon 5D Mark II all the way.

I use the camera phone if I'm out and about and for some un-expected reason want to grab a quick (and mostly irrelevant) photo of something.

If I want something in between these two, then my Fuji X100 usually fits the bill.

Once you've used a good quality SLR, very little else often ever compares in terms of image quality or performance.
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How wrong can you get? I remember when the first camera / phone came out I said to my friend.... "Who would want a camera on their phones?" :eek:

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Fujifilm X-F1 compact is my go to... I had intended to "upgrade" to a newer model but 3 years on and its still perfectly good enough for my needs.



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As I detest most 'Compact digital cameras' I do tend to use my iphone 6 camera. It gives instant access to the web and the apps for manipulation are superb when considering just how difficult Photoshop is to use unless you really study it. I'm lcurrently looking out for a Nikon J2 to use.