Your best adjustable...or adjustables. Pics or not, your choice....


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I have a stable of adjustables that I will be running on a rotation for the Month of April. Just to put them to use and show them some love. I have been neglecting my DE's of late. Time to make these beaut's shine....
From left to right, my best adjustables:
Merkur Futur, Parker Variant Satin Chrome, Parker Variant Black, Merkur Vision and top back Rockwell 6s.
These are my top 5 in my shave den. I have a couple more, a Gillette Slim '63 & Merkur Progress that are excellent also, but they don't crack my top 5 list. My Merkur Vision is the Creme de la Creme for me. It's just freakin awesome. I call it Thor's Hammer. Mighty fine tool....

Show and tell those Beauty's off Gents!!!! :woot:


TSR reject
I had a Transgress, beautifully made with an amazing handle but I didn't really 'get' adjustables plus I needed funds at the time