Review Yaqi Ferrari Synthetic Brushes reviewed...


Hi Gents,

This is a review for the recently released Yaqi “Ferrari” synthetic brushes and the Easter Egg brush.

Brush Pics:


No brush has shed at all. I didn’t lose even one fibre from any of these brushes.


The tips are very soft and similar to other synthetic knots. I just love how I can work the brushes vigorously whilst face lathering, not something I can do easily with any badger or boar, no matter how soft they are. It’s not to say I find silvertips or two bands rough but too much swirling on the face can cause some sensitivity, but not with any of the synthetics.

There is a perceivable difference in the softness levels of synthetic knots, it’s basically relative to other synthetic knots. The cashmere being the softest knot I’ve ever used. The faux horse knot is also very soft but the tips are not as “feather like” as the cashmere.

Splay/Backbone (Glue bump):

As mentioned in my previous review, I’m very impressed that Yaqi has addressed the issue of glue bumps! From reading many forums, I know most users don’t appreciate large (>5mm) glue bumps.

Both the Ferrari brushes don’t have huge glue bumps and they all splay very nicely. They feel quite natural and not springy or resistant to splay.

Backbone for all the brushes is roughly the same, with the Cashmere knot having the least backbone, as expected from a Cashmere knot. However, it doesn’t splay flat like the TurnNShave Angel Hair knot (another great knot!).

The faux horse knot has an excellent feeling splay! It’s very natural with a bit more body than the cashmere.

I must say, the knot construction on these two Ferrari brushes is basically near perfection for synthetics! They have very little glue bumps, they seem to be set a little deeper so this combo basically gives the knot a really nice body, excellent splay and good backbone.

I’ve often stated that the concept of knot/loft etc have a huge bearing on badger brushes because even with short lofts, they will still give a natural splay, being a natural hair brush.

Synthetics on the other hand, in my opinion, shouldn’t be regarded the same because a high glue bump or a low loft will basically give a very stiff and springy brush that doesn’t splay. To me, a synthetic should be constructed to retain body whilst lathering and should splay without collapsing. This to me is what makes a good synthetic brush.

The Easter Bunny brush was just for a bit of fun. The handle is not resin, it’s actually metal and fairly heavy. The knot is only 18mm so I used it to bowl lather so I could grab more lather for successive passes. The knot is the mew brown, which many regard as one of the best synthetic knots on the market! It was a fun and different experience. Of course, it’s not a brush I would use regularly but I will enjoy it here and there.

Drying time:

All brushes dried out in no time. It’s easy with a synthetics, they are just no fuss!!


OK, so I must say the Ferrari handles are some of the best I have!!

The red is not a plain red but more of an orangey/red. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I apologise if my photos don’t do it justice!

The handle shape is my favourite from Yaqi as it’s just so ergonomic!

The Easter Egg brush has camouflage colours and it’s absolutely fantastic! I hope Yaqi bring out other brushes with this colour scheme!