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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Shaverrific666, May 14, 2018.

  1. Hope it's not too early to post Chaps..

    If you're a football fan..will you be watching the greatest tournament on earth?
    I used to get insanely excited as a kid when the World cup came around..fond memories of my first ..Italia 90! Toto Schillaci, Packie Bonner, Gazza, Maradona, Matthaus..Roger Milla..incredible ..and Nessun Dorma!!!

    Anyway, rambling as usual any thoughts, predictions ? Who will win it?

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  2. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Ah man this is a difficult one, perhaps we should have a syndicate £5 in team names out of a hat?

    Apart from that come on England! Please don't raise my hopes and dash them, like the time I met Gazza.
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  3. Interesting idea Nishy.. yeah Southgate needs to employ Matt Le Tissier as Penalty coach just in case..haha
    Wow so you met Gazza...let me guess was he slightly inebriated? Shame it wasn't a pleasant experience for you..what a player though. They do say never meet your heroes...I never met Gazza but I did meet Dean Saunders as a kid and he was a lovely chap. He gave me a stick of chewing gum and let me take a penalty against him. That was pretty cool.
  4. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Gazza was actually sober as far as I could tell. Tottenham used to train in Mill Hill, very close to our Pharmacy. I still have some private prescriptions from a few legends. Watched Gazza in the rain for a good hour or more then followed him to a caravan (changing rooms), however had the door slammed in our face, I was only about 9, my cousin 14. Managed to get signatures from Linekar, Mabbut and Ian Walker. Saw Campbell every week for a toothbrush as well. Thordsvedt, Anderton etc were also regulars. Good times.
  5. Any thoughts on the England squad @Nishy ?
  6. pimple8

    pimple8 Forum GOD!

    Zadar, Croatia
    As I'm croatian I would sure like to see our team reaching deeper stages of the cup, but even though we have quality individuals we are often failing to make a good result due to great number of factors, (many of them not directly connected with the game itself)
    I don't think we have an easy group, (Argentina, Iceland, Nigeria) so we might even go home after those three games.

    That said I would like to see England finally make an impact, always great team but somehow they always manage to go home without a medal. This selection might lack some experience but who knows, maybe young blood will succeed where previous teams failed.

    My third favorite would be Belgium. Don't know why, I kinda like them. Many great talent, also need to finally show it on the big stage.

    As favorites I see Spain, Germany and France.

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  7. Yes, Croatia always produces great technical players! I remember as a kid I was a big fan of Zvonimir Boban, Davor Suker and Robert Prosinecki :thumbsup:
    Currently Ivan Rakitić always impresses me at Barcelona. In the Euros Croatia were also very entertaining.
    England really need a "Playmaker" in the midfield..they have pace and power.and young players, but need to be creative with the ball.. and keep it and not just rely on "counter attacking".
    I think we have too many Full backs and defensive players maybe..

    Good Luck for the World Cup!! :woot:
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  8. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Hmm well I think he's right to drop Hart and Wiltshire, we have better players in these positions, only issue is the lower levels of experience. But they have to adapt at some point. I like the midfield. Attack is OK and defence is a possible issue.

    I was happy for Kane to be named captain for Kane but not for England. I think we needed to name a captain with experience in winning a title or big cup. Someone like Cahill and I'm a Spurs fan so that is saying a lot. Kane has the right attitude without a doubt but being named captain he may be critiqued by the media to carry the whole team, which I don't think he can.

    I also think counter attack with 2 full backs is our best opportunity to score, we have a lot of pace. Creativity depends on certain individual performances. Like other stages England have taken to, confidence amongst these individuals will be key. I highlight Dele especially. If we don't show confident we will be eaten up at the group stages as at least 6 teams could beat us on paper.
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  9. Definitely agree with dropping Hart..Pope has been outstanding for Burnley this season to be fair.
    Still would have liked another more creative midfielder (a string puller or lock picker type of player) Wilshere has ability but IMHO he's not proved it yet. Ironically he's played more for Arsenal recently and not been picked than the last time he got in the squad, though very injury prone...he seems to be the type of player that returns from injury and then goes and makes some insane tackle!

    My worry is that..England have exciting young players with power and pace who can get round the back of defenses..and stretch the play..BUT not a quality player with a football brain who can look after the ball and create from the midfield to the attack, (basically a proper number 10).
    Dier is too defensive and though can play DM I feel he's more a CB) Henderson has a great engine but he's a DM and organiser who mainly plays sideways passes and for me Dele Alli is more a false 9 who makes late runs into the box and gets on the end of things more than being a string puller.Good player though when he performs.. I think Shelvey deserved picking for his passing ability..reminds me of Gerrard some of his long passes.
    All that said I hope they do well. Oh yeah and we have about 700 full backs (only 4 genuine centre halfs) and three striker hahaha
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  10. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Another interesting comparison is Wiltshire V LeTissier the latter only getting 8 caps but arguably better. Wiltshire has the creative brain IMO but lacks longevity in both performance and physical ability. Way to injury prone for a tournament let alone the league. My major worry is too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Greedy players on the team, could work for us though. If only Eriksen was English :)
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  11. Very true Nishy, very true..We need Le Tissier to be drafted in as penalty coach. Eriksen has been great for Spurs. he's the kind of player we need for England.
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  12. N_Architect

    N_Architect Forum GOD!

    Croatia should make it to the next round. Nigeria is not an easy opponent but the Croats have been in good shape during the last few years.
    Iceland may find the weather in Russia favourable but I'm not sure they can be the surprise team again in another major event.

    First question is the Latin American teams. Away from base and in a 'new' (so to speak) continent, we have no clue on how they may perform.

    Secondly, Germany and France do have an edge, at least in theory. However the team that will reach semis & final will have to run many miles and sweat a lot, no matter what.

    Thirdly, I'm in the camp who have been waiting for years England to finally make a very strong comeback and lift up the trophy. Not been reading much on the team, barely know the players names as well. However I watched Southgate's' interview on the Greek telly last weekend, he seems calm and humble.

    His task is not easy at all. He has to prove himself and the name "England" is rightfully very, very heavy. Trophies of this nature are usually won by street smart managers, by Football Associations that fully support the national team in every way possible, and by teams which bond very well together. I sincerely wish the FA is indeed doing a solid prep work that will give juicy fruits for the country in the future (if not next month).

    My favorite teams are (always) Germany and England, and I think there will also come a moment when The Netherlands will finally win a World Cup trophy - something that in my opinion they deserve so much.

    Great thread, by the way.
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  13. 18 Days.... 23 hours 8 minutes. :woot::hyper:
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  14. Holyzeus

    Holyzeus TSR reject

    Morocco, hang your heads in shame
    Two bets up the swanny
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  15. Burgundy

    Burgundy Forum GOD!

    As a Wolves supporter, I’m following Morocco to see how Saiss gets on. I’ve never been fussed about the NT for internationals but love the World Cup and Euros - I know, a strange contradiction.
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