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Aye, aye, gents!

I'm looking to mix up a few EOs to get that typical, manly woodsy smell. My thoughts turn to pine & cedar but what about patchouli and others? I fear I am in dire need of schooling in this arena. So come ye forth and address this aromatic assailment of mine, to teach and advise in proper perfumery and elevate me to higher echelons of woody wonder!

Matron commands it. :wink:

And of course these EOs will be added to suitable carrier oils as I full well know of their undiluted hazards.

Ta muckle.


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Are you aiming for live green woods with a forest vibe, or dry resinous furniture type woods? The usual suspects would be sandalwood & oud; I'd also consider frankincense & myrrh. I'm by no means an expert, but if the cocktail is fresh & green, I'd compliment with herb oils such as rosemary, basil, eucalyptus etc. If you are looking for more resinous stuff, a drop or two of spice oils - pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger etc. - could also make things interesting.


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A lot depends on the scent of the carrier oil as well as the general bouquet your aiming for, but for a woodsy tune I would go for the following:
A touch of menthol (crystals are fine)
Oak moss

I like to use the brand healthaid, organic EO's so less worrying if used on the skin.


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Thanks chaps, I've ordered pine & cedar and am interested in the sandalwood and vetiver. I'm looking for the drier sort of woodsy scent, masculine, not too fresh but clean. I don't want or need fancy but I'm fine with playing around till I get something nice. What I don't want to chance is sweaty old man wearing too much cologne to mask the scent. Too much oakmoss is maybe what triggers my nose thus.
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