Witch hazel


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Good evening,
I have seen in many sotd a splash,called
Witch Hazel?
What is !? What scent? Its an After shave?
Thank you!


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Available at most supermarkets or chemists for little money.
This might be the case mostly for North America/UK, though. Even a couple of chemists in London gave me a blank stare when I asked about it.
Ended up ordering mine online from Amazon.

The scent isn't anything to rave about, and it's gone quickly (if it is a clean witch hazel solution).
But if does seem to help my skin to heal faster.


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On a related note, is it possible to add some EdT to plain witch hazel in order to give it a nice scent?
Should work just fine. Google ‘convert cologne or edt to aftershave’ and the recipe indeed consists in diluting the fragrance with botanicals and what have you that are good for your skin, including with hazel, glycerine, allantoin, etc.


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WH has tremendous healing properties but as others have said, the scent is not very nice. I use Thayer's Medicated Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, sometimes labeled as "Superhazel." The aloe, camphor, and other ingredients they add to it gives it a scent similar to that of many Noxzema shaving and skincare products, which I find to be a very pleasant scent.