Wickhams v Barts Balms?

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by Hectorsgaf, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hi all.

    I have become a devote follower and lover of both Wickhams soaps and Barts Balms but have not yet tried Wickhams Balms. Clearly a difference in ingredients as well as price for the 50g units but has anybody done a comparison of the 2 Balms? Plenty of reference to Darren's face soaps and Barts on youtube etc but very little in respect of the Wickham Balms. yes I can just order one in, classic 24 being my absolute favourite at the moment but wondered what experiences you guys may have had before doing so.

    I have tried several other Balms but nothing compares to Barts for me, many being either oily or thin in comparison.
  2. DamianJ

    DamianJ Forum GOD!

    I've not tried the Barts balm but the Wickham balm is very good. The ones I've got, Shamrock Tweed and Shangri La have really good scent strength. The balm is easily absorbed and is not greasy or oily to my skin.
  3. Burry

    Burry Veteran

    @Hectorsgaf i completely agree with you. Wickhams soaps and Barts balms are just about as good as it gets in their class. The wickhams balm is not quite so good for me, though it is still a very good product. It seems to have a slight grainy consistency that is not for me, though it seemed to do a good job.
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  4. Lucido

    Lucido Guru

    Haven't tried Wickhams but really like Barts. I like that I can get them in essential oil only scents. Fragrance Oil balms can sometimes be too strong/headache inducing.
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