Completed Wickham's LE 2019 Spring Group Buy


Alpha Shaving

apologies if this does not effect you. It came to my attention that a very small number of brushes have had issues with the brush knot coming loose. I have investigated this and it is down to a mistake made during setting the knot... I am a one man band here and I asked my wife and kids to help me set some knots as I was in rather a hurry in between business trips. It seems that to cut corners my wife used a hot glue gun instead of epoxy. So... some of you may have a knot come loose. I will fix this for you FREE OF CHARGES including postage charges, which will be refunded.

So, if this effects you, contact me by email or PM and I will give you my address. Return the brush and knot and tell me the charges for postage. Please use regular postage not carried by unicorns on a golden pillow type... just regular airmail is fine.

Apologies once again but I need to address this now. Customer service is my watchword and this is no exception.

best regards

Steve Tinter