Wickhams Aftershave Splashes.


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OK gents so I know Darron has discontinued his splashes ( the 3 scents that existed) but does anyone know if he plans on bringing them out again along with the rest of the scents in the range?

Its a shame he had to discontinue them for whatever reason but for me they are such a great product.

Plus what do I do when the ones I have run out...............oh the pain! lol!


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I had a Citrus Musk aftershave splash. Finished it quite a while ago along with the soap, lovely scent.

I may be wrong but I think that one of the reasons for focusing on the balm was that some of the scents e.g. club cola worked better or lasted longer in the balm. Happy to be corrected on that though.

Have you tried the balm? That too is a great product.


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Would be great if Darron considered it.

Classic 24, Shamrock Tweed and Irish Fern splashes I would jump at!

In fact all of them if Darron was up for it!

Shame about the Club Cola mind you.