Who wants a bit of Chub for Christmas?


OK I made a new handle. Same dimensions as a Simpsons Chubby but super grippy. I made a teeny error on the machining as you can see the knurling on the radius does not go quite as far as I would have liked - the radius dropped off a little too sharply. it looks like a tool mark - it isn't. I intended it to be this way.

The brush has the same dimensions as the Simpsons Chubby 3 - 50mm tall x 40mm wide. 30mm knot hole. It is made of machined aluminium and is anodised silver or matte black. The knurling is what makes it different. This of you who own a Chubby from Mr. Simpson will now it is a slippery bugger at times - in fact all the time. Soooo, if you want a manly, chunky, chubby brush and also want to be able to keep it in your soapy hands when you are shaving AND it won;t break the bank, then this is for you. Because I want to clear them and move onto design V2 then I am pricing accordingly:

  1. Bare handle $39.97
  2. Synth option - I swear this is a ShaveMac synth knot - indistinguishable. Some photos below show my knot and a Shavemac knot side by side - $54.97
  3. Silver tip badger option - $89.97

By now you get the drift. By now you should be craving some chub!! Buy now for a great bargain and a superb brush. Photos below - one is my design drawing showing the machining I intended. First come first served and limited numbers. I intend to ship out in time for Christmas.

Perfect for those who also might have trouble gripping a slimmer brush. In house Alpha designed chubbliness!!



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