Which deodorant stick?

Discussion in 'Grooming and Style' started by halvor, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Northam Saint

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  2. ManicDee

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    It depends on what you want to keep cool and NOT a stick![​IMG]

  3. chris.hale

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    Cumbria, England
    What. The. Feck.
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  4. Jalani1

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    I used to spray for about 20 years because I felt like able to get everything covered better with the spray. However,I have very sensitive skin so I recently decided to start using natural deodorant stick.I chose Schmidt’s Stick Deodorant Fragrance Free for Sensitive Skin after having read an interesting article at beauty-tips-and-tricks.com I have to say that I'm really happy with this natural deodorant!
  5. halvor

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    Funny, I’ve started using the exact same, primarily in response to a reaction to other sticks (not sure if it’s the alcohol or what). Very pleased with both the feel and the effect of Schmidt’s :thumbsup:
  6. ManicDee

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    I have two Trumper's deodorant sticks now, Eucris and Sandalwood.

    Both are very good, there scent's are long lasting and they do not stain my clothing. I bought them 3 months apart, the Sandalwood being the first.
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  7. DamianJ

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    I'm on my second Eucris stick, lovely scent
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  8. guy1307

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    I just ordered 2 sticks when i saw they are sold on Belgium

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  9. Farabeuf

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    I started developing irritation and itching in my armpits some years ago when I used deodorant. As long as I go alcohol free it’s ok, but now prefer to use odor free too. Gives me a chance to use cologne that won’t clash.
    The funny thing is that this only started in my late thirties though. I used the most potent industrial strength stuff for 20 years without missing a beat.

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