Which deodorant stick?

Discussion in 'Grooming and Style' started by halvor, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. LeGaulois

    LeGaulois Guru

    Sanex is very good.
  2. Tzimisce

    Tzimisce Legendary Member

    Tabac is a great stick and it doesn't need a wet skin to be applied (after a shower e.g.).
    Soapy smell, if you like it you don't regret it.
    Dior Fahrenheit is another great stick but you need a wet skin so as to apply it, because it is really hard.
    The scent is great, but "difficult", but I am a lucky guy, it seems that Dior made it for my skin :D
    Latelly I smelled Old Spice Wolfthorn and I think I am going to get one soon
  3. Cristobal

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  4. slapo

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    London, UK
    The issue with most antiperspirants is that they contain aluminium salts. It's usually a different salt than the one that forms an alum block. Both are aluminium salts, but alum blocks, like Salt of the Earth sticks and such, claim the salt they contain is too large to be absorbed by skin.

    Nevertheless, there have been some reports that they are likely to speed up the onset of memory loss and related brain deseases. Maybe it's just someone spreading FUD, but I find that unsettling enough that I stopped using both antiperspirants and alum blocks.

    At the moment, I use Aroma Healing's deodorants (despite the name evoking snake oil thoughts, it actually works really well... better than e. g. Old Spice sticks ever worked for me) and Schmidt's natural deodorant (Bergamot and Lime, at the moment).
    They both contain baking soda and shea butter and can be irritating on the skin... unless I apply it on damp/wet skin in a single layer and then they're great and usually last me the whole day. They also last a few months each.
    They can also leave marks on clothing, but unlike with some antiperspirants, these marks wash out, so my shirts aren't ruined by antiperspirants/deodorants anymore.

    I can post links if anyone's interested, as the former is ebay only, as far as I can tell, whereas the latter can be found on Amazon sometimes, too.
  5. missingskin

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    Down South
  6. MntnMan62

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    New Jersey
    I had been using a few different antiperspirants for years. Degree. Dove. Arm & Hammer. Then my wife got a couple trial samples of Native natural deodorant. So I tried it. My initial intro to it was ghastly. After a few days I noticed irritation. And it just kept getting worse. I contacted Native and they said that was normal. They said it was my body ridding itself of "toxins". They then suggested I try their "sensitive skin" version which was coconut scented. It actually worked really really well. I actually ended up loving it once the irritation went away and stayed away. Unfortunately they were charging $12 for a stick. No way was I going to fork that much over for deodorant. I've seen it now for $10 but that's still insane. So I found another all natural deodorant that got good solid reviews. Arm & Hammer Essentials. No aluminum or parabens. I don't like how it goes on as compared to the Native. The Native goes on dry while the A&H goes on a little wet at first. But it does dry quickly. But more importantly, the A&H actually works all day. I was skeptical but I've been using it for a while now. And at a couple bucks a stick, I'm way ahead of the game.

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  7. halvor

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    I’ll have to eat my words on TOBS Sandalwood from earlier. I quite enjoy it now. Dry yet somehow fruity, old school, masculine scent. Ta, @Nishy :)

    Strange how sense of scent changes, or one gets accustomed to a fragrance. (I should have known, as this is the case with perfume as well, needing to give it a few tries to really get it.)
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    Plus 1 for the A&H. Got a stick while on holiday in USA. Liked it so much I got another two to bring back. Not one I’ve seen on U.K. shelves so I’m going to be disappointed when they all run out.
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  9. slapo

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    London, UK
    They do sell it online in the UK, but it's not cheap. Also, it contains EDTA, so I can't really use it.
    I should've asked someone to post a list of ingredients here first. :-/
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    Seen it on eBay but it does cost. I only paid $6.99 for two so £2.70 each. Shame you can’t use it, I find it really good. May end up paying the extra it’s that good.
  11. RandySp

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    Alum stick or Dove Clean Comfort roll on. I don't like the sticks, they get sticky.
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  12. ManicDee

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    Tobs and Geo.F.Trumpers Sandalwood deo sticks are fantastic and long lasting
  13. Djo

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    Nuxe for Men (natural and neutral) is very good
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  14. McNulty

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    Definitely alum stick! :okay:
  15. celestino

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