Which deodorant stick?


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As a deodorant I find the Pitrok alum stick is about the best in terms of keeping its shape - other alum sticks I've used quickly become loose in their containers. Personally, I don't like the sound of anti-perspirants as they seem unnatural. Using alum seems to be all I need although I'm not claiming it has any effect on perspiration.


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I have a couple of sticks but first of all I usually use pit rok it's about £6 ish at boots and lasts years...it's just an alum really but it works great ! I'm also using TOBS Jermyn Street and Geo F Trumpers Limes !


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Fragrance-free and cheap. I use the Nivea when I need the reassurance of an anti-perspirant. Otherwise, the alum on the left is for day-to-day use.


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Has to be Mitchum, non scented so does not detract from the EDT that a lot of of you guys like. But very effective and long lasting.


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I like using alum; all natural, no rashes like I have gotten from various deo sticks I've tried in the past.


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I use a crystal deodorant stick after my showers just to keep things clean down there. But my go to stick is from MenScience, it's pretty expensive but it works and the stick lasts forever. I still have 1/4 of my first stick left and 2 backup sticks. The deodorant is odor less and it doesn't leave stains on shirt pits so if you have expensive dress shirts this is a stick to use.

I also have really sensitive under arms and this has been one of the few products that work for me.