Where do we see shaving improving in the years to come ?


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Where do we see shaving gear heading in the next 10 to 20 years ?
Can razors keep improving or are we seeing new razors becoming alike

Synthetic brushes are improving fairly fast will they get better and cost more then Badgers ?
How much further can soaps go ? How can they improve from where we are now ?
Surely blades are as good as they can get or is there room for improvement ?


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Great question.
I would like a DE blade that is sharp like feather, but stiff like injector blades.
I also reckon horse hair is next.
It hasn't been pushed yet and it feels like badger has been maxed.
Synthetic is pretty good now.

Also, horse is more eco..... Until the Chinese decide to make horse brushes.

Or maybe squirrel.... or dingbat....


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I’ve mentioned this in another thread but I think new DE’s are getting a bit samey. TBH it’s a very simple design and I don’t see what else can be done with it really. I’d love to see a synth that could truly compete with badger, we’re not there yet so there is room for improvement.

I don’t think soaps have noticeably improved in the last decade, there’s more choice but the likes of DRH, Speick and Tabac were as good then as they are now and I don’t think anything modern is better.


The Gillette OLD and the Lather Catchers that would accept the GEM style blade were the absolute pinnacle of shaving excellence! The ubiquitous boar brush and any soap are perfect. Nothing has changed for the better in a century, so I don't see anything happening in the next decade or two.

On the other hand, "men" and their ever decreasing testosterone levels, may stop growing hair.


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Unpopular opinion:

I don’t think that we have seen much improvement in the last decade. Innovation (and quite a lot of imitation), yes, but not necessarily progress.

I hope that the trends over the next decade will centre around responsible (environmentally and ethically) sourcing and skincare.
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Same here Bob ,Cant get a lot better ,Look how far its come in a generation
I go back more than a generation in wet shaving and not seen a huge improvement in wet shaving. The same gear that I started wet shaving with still gives as close, comfortable and long lasting shave now as it did then in the late 1960s. There really is only so much you can do gear wise to improve the shaves and that has long been established.