What watch are you wearing today (WRUW)


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Not a small watch by any means, but it wears quite nicely actually and does fit the bill.
I got it for abt $340 (which is roughly £264), duty-free. I believe it is a 4th qtr. 2017 release model.
Big plus the easiness regarding Bluetooth connectivity - with one touch on your phone you set home and travel time.

Really like that K, I could do with another wrist :laugh:


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I thought so too. I like it when things are a bit different. Some people apparently don't like it.

...aesthetically it looks right to have the day written in full, so much better than FRi, SAT, SUN etc; great that Hamilton buck the trend and put the day, date complication at 12. I also like the way the second hand and minute hand fully reach the chapter ring. So many watches have their second and minute hands fall short...