What video game are you playing?


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My all time favourite is the F. E. A. R. series. Next ia Call of Duty. I have an older configuration, but i've manged to make it to Black ops 2, but not beyond... Loved Oblivion, but never finished it due to a system crash... Simply couldn't get myself to start all over again. And because i was in fear of the same jinx i have with Diablo 2: started it 3 times, every single time had a system crash. Serious Sam is also great, the last one i've finished is the B.F.F.E. I've enjoyed Neverwinter nights 1 and 2 very much as well. No One Lives Forever was also a blast. Basically i don’t play much, am very picky, but when i find something good i tend to do re-runs on high difficulty after some time.
No One Lives Forever was amazing at the time. I replayed it earlier this year and while the graphics are dated now, I still loved the gameplay and humour.

Dr Watson

What with the new Razer gaming ultrabook I've been playing a few I'd heard good things about but been unable to try due to lack of hardware horsepower (I don't use consoles.)

Metro Exodus - 10/10 loved it.
Plague Tale - 10/10 loved it.
Cyberpunk 2077 - 6/10 great idea with poor execution, great graphics though.
Kingdom Come - 3/10 hated it, bailed after 3 hours. Medieval boredom simulator.

Reviews online claimed the Razer would play AAA titles at medium quality settings but I've been very pleasantly surprised... All of the above were graphic settings maxed out or set to ultra, 1920x1080 screen resolution w/ vsync on and all played flawlessly without a single dropped frame... Awesome. Oh, and after gaming on an OLED screen I could never go back to IPS now.

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My son now stewards on assetto corsa competizione at Pro level. Still races from time to time after winning a team World Series endurance.


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Mostly Farming Simulator 22 and Snowrunner. Snowrunner's finally getting a next-gen graphics update this week! I do really need to pick Dirt Rally back up again too. I'm not enjoying Forza Horizon 5 as much as I did FH4, I'm more looking forward to the next Forza Motorsport title.

I also (finally!) managed to get a Series X.


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I'm currently playing Diablo Immortal. It is a good game but I seem to be unlocking game features which are a complete mystery to me. :D


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I'm currently playing Diablo Immortal. It is a good game but I seem to be unlocking game features which are a complete mystery to me. :D
One thing i have always HATED is getting some way into a game and then finding some undocumented "feature" - it makes it worse when you look at the online forums later and the people who played the game to death from day one say "oh make sure you do this first or make sure you grab these things"

Game devs could so easily make proper non-spoiler gameplay guides to read first, but often they dont.


Arma 2 DayZ mod.

It is very broken (and almost dead) game, however, some true fans are still playing in it. As well as I am :3


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a combo of Immortals Fenyx Rising and Shadow Warrior 3 on PS5, the latter because it’s leaving PS Plus on the 5th so trying to get that finished up as it’s a short game.