What private plates do you have


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I've never owned a private plate. I would love to get one for my next car however, to signify what it is to some degree :)


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LM51 ROW. Mine and the Mrs initial, a random 51 and the 1st 3 letters of our surname..
I'd like the matching one for our other car, but funds have other priorities such shaving :laugh:


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Let's say I'd like to take LM55 ROW.

How much would that go for nowadays?
Couple of hundred quid, up to three hundred perhaps? Or more?

While plates like "A1" or whatnot could (to me) cost up to half a million, I wonder what's the level of pricing that exists in the UK now.


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Plates of that ilk are £250 direct from the DVLA, inclusive of transfer fees..


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I have CST 419C on my 200cc Vespa PX Scooter. 4/19 is my birthday in yankee fashion and I wanted an old style number so I could get away with putting a black and silver plate on the beastie. She's been sorn for ten years now but still in grand nick so I hope to try and get my licence back and blatt round the back roads once more.