What have you finished recently ?


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Finished a tub of Castle Forbes Lime recently, good slickness, good post shave conditioning but a slightly over powering smell for my own taste. Unlikely to purchase again as i think for the price there are better soaps/creams out there.

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L’Occitane Cade aftershave balm, I enjoyed it but probably won’t purchase again (pretty much the same for all of their products.)


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I have finished off 2 tubs of P&B Star Noir and a tub of B & M Fougere Aromatique to date. Star Noir is definately my favourite scent in a soap and I have not experienced any issues with it. Just a great performing and smelling soap.
With both my first tub of Star Noir and the tub of Aromatique, I used both exclusively until both tubs were finished.
As my soap collection has increased the opportunity and desire to do this is very much diminished. I do like to get a feel for a soap though - hence why I enjoy the one month challenge so much.


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I've recently finished a Wickham 1912 Classic 24 soap.

Very close to finishing Caties Bubbles Midnight Dreary soap and Razorock Irish Countryside aftershave too.
A tin of LPL Cèdre-Patchouli 200g.. pretty impressive considering I didn't rate the performance. (I liked the scent though)
To be fair a did PIF a sample to a friend of mine about 50g but still not bad..last of tiny bit was used today and mixed with some Proraso Green Croap.



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I won't be buying another. I get fantastically close shaves from these blades but I can get just a good a shave from less aggressive blades such as the Pro or the Schick Proline which is more comfortable


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Used every day since the beginning of the year. Great soap and I have a tub of coconut to use come the summer