What have you finished recently ?


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Myrsol Aqua Balsamica 180ml.

love that stuff - now if I could get through soap as quick as I do ASL I'd be very pleased.


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A bottle of AdP Colonia.

Nice and pretty light stuff, have a couple of bottles more incl. the larger Designers Edition which I bought from Harrods back in November 2011.


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Block of alum ... the final tiny piece disintegrated in use last night. Fresh block tonight ... the joy :D


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I'm sad enough to keep a record of the stuff I finish and when I finish it - this has helped curb my software acquisition disorders as I know I have enough gear for years. currently working thro my spice trade soap and old spice a/s. looking to finish before the end of the year
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Couple of balms done with, loved the GFT sandalwood skinfood scent not sure I'm fully on board with that sticky feel though.

The Cade is lovely stuff though.



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I finished a tub of macca root that i couldnt remember even opening seems my wife and daughter are fans.sammy.