What are you waiting to arrive ~ 2021


Forum GOD!
It’s the Fougere & yeah I tried before & thought performance was outstanding. When I saw this on Facebook BST I took a punt on it.
I quote fancy just getting an unscented soap from them, I've reacted to MDC in the past but was told that could be due to overloading. However unscented might be worth a punt.

Dr Watson

A Friend - has loaned me a couple of his Le Grelots and they were both amazing shavers. Looks like a great Buy.
I've had a couple of 'Grots in the past, always first rate shavers. Hunting for them on French eBay is always a minefield... don't know if it's the water over there, quality of the steel or general lack of care but their straights are often so badly pitted if used.