What are you waiting on to arrive?

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Pretty excited about this one - a BRW handle.

Some info from the ad/seller:

"The handle

"one of a kind custom safety razor handle made by Robert 'Cooncatbob' Smith of Bob's Razor Works aka BRW.
I commissioned Bob to make me a modified version of his 'improved' handle.
The result is a handle that is approximately 3 1/4 inch long and 7/16th in diameter.
It is made from brass and is nickel plated.

The handle was complete by Bob on 12/19/2011 and has been a safe queen ever since.
After Bob's passing, I never had the heart to use it and have only admired it ever since. I am hoping it finds the home of someone who can truly appreciate Cooncatbob's work.

The head
I am including an unused open comb head from a Merkur 1904 which is also plated in nickel to match the handle.
I purchased the 1904 Merkur when I bought the cooncatbob handle.
At the time, Merkur was plating them in nickel to match the 1904 theme. Once Merkur came out with the closed comb 1904, they changed the plating to chrome so they could take the chrome closed comb heads off the factory line instead of making separate batches of nickel plated heads. "

You may see some (a lot) similarity to the Goodfella razor.
"I was wanting to purchase a Goodfella razor but didn't like the diminutive size.
I found Bob's work and noticed his 'improved' handle was extremely similar to the Goodfella. I contacted him in 2011 and asked him if he would make me an improved handle with less notches because I wanted a Goodfella that was larger and heavier. He agreed to do it. That's also why I paired it with the 1904 head, to give it the aesthetics of the Goodfella, which I really liked. That's what makes this particular handle so rare. no other handle made by Bob is exactly the same as this one. the original Goodfella is about 3 inches long and 3/8ths in diameter and this handle is 3 1/4 inches long and 7/16ths in diameter - and of course made out of brass (nickel plated).



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Waiting on a 'prototype shaving soap' to provide feedback on.
New vendor and all very hush-hush. Will be great fun to see how it is..and what becomes of it.
That sounds exciting... new handle material? New knot material?
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